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A quick word on Fair Trade.

Remember last year when I wrote the piece below about how Fair Trade coffee was a joke? Well today Mark Prince of coffeegeek.com fame was talking about just that on twitter today. Why? Well because right now the commodity exchange price of coffee is $0.35 higher then the Fair Trade price. So if farmers sell their coffee on the open market they are making more then selling it into the Fair Trade group.

But that’s ok, keep drinking your Fair Trade coffee you bought at Wal-mart or Starbuck’s it’s all good right? You feel good about yourself and the work your doing to help that poor lonely farmer in the Nabob or Tim Horton’s commercial. Right?

Think for yourself, don’t believe what they tell you.


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I'm a coffee loving, bike riding, husband, father, brother, father, son, sorta wanna be foodie and these are my thoughts on anything I want. I'm opinionated and say it like I see it, if your easily offended then this is not the place for you. Expect me to talk about coffee a lot and expect me to rant about customer service, sales and things that companies do that make no sense.


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