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A sad state of affairs

It’s Saturday morning and I am reminded via my twitter feed that the Prairies Regional Barista Championship is today and being broadcast live on Ustream. I headed over to the website for the comp to check out the competitor list, first thing I noticed was that it was being held in Calgary. Since when the hell is Calgary part of the prairies, I’m pretty sure having grown up on the prairies that Calgary is part of western Canada and not the prairies. The prairies consist of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Anyways, that’s a different rant for a different day. Today the rant is this…..as I looked at the list of competitors I realize that they are all from either Calgary or Edmonton. Not one single person from the actual prairies. Damn, is the state of coffee out here really that bad? Really? I guess it is because coffee out here really is that bad. There is only one cafe in Manitoba and Saskatchewan that I would want to have a drink in. I guess Jimmy O’ from Museo is too busy with his new roaster to compete this year.

I checked the rules just now and there is nothing in them about having to work for a cafe, so that means that if I wanted I could compete. I’m pretty sure that I would get my ass kicked though. There are some decent cafes in Alberta, people that pull more shots in a shift that I probably do in a year.

Oh and I am probably the only person from Manitoba and Saskatchewan watching the competition right now. So disappointing…..


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I'm a coffee loving, bike riding, husband, father, brother, father, son, sorta wanna be foodie and these are my thoughts on anything I want. I'm opinionated and say it like I see it, if your easily offended then this is not the place for you. Expect me to talk about coffee a lot and expect me to rant about customer service, sales and things that companies do that make no sense.


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