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Rant of the day

I’m sorry just might be the most over used phrase in the english language. It’s also one fo those things that really should hold a lot of weight when used but sadly in todays day and age, it really means nothing. It has become nothing more then a cheap get out of jail card, very few people really mean it when they say it. We have been trained that if we say it then person we are saying it to automatically has to forgive them. Well I’m here to tell you bullshit, I’ll challenge anyone who says that to me when I know that they really don’t mean it.

I personally take the phrase “I’m Sorry” very seriously, I use it very¬†sparingly because when I say it to you I really mean it. What is it that I feel that phrase means? It means I was wrong in my actions or words and I will not do it again, I will consciously make the decision to be aware of my actions and not do it again to the best of my ability. Pretty heavy when you think of the phrase that way.

Sadly in todays culture it’s just a way to quickly end a conversation where you are being taken to task for something you did allowing you to avoid really dealing with the issue. Leaving you free and clear to do it again because, well, I said I was sorry. You don’t actually feel sorry about what you did just that you got caught and are you going to do it again, yup. No respect I tell yah.

Next time as those words form on your lips stop and really think about what your going to say, do you really mean it, are you really going to strongly try to not do that again? If you can’t answer that with a yes, then don’t say the words.


About Kevin

I'm a coffee loving, bike riding, husband, father, brother, father, son, sorta wanna be foodie and these are my thoughts on anything I want. I'm opinionated and say it like I see it, if your easily offended then this is not the place for you. Expect me to talk about coffee a lot and expect me to rant about customer service, sales and things that companies do that make no sense.


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