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Ok, so I showed you the right stuff, now what?

I’m your customer, standing in front of you. You’ve done all the right things so far, you’ve made me feel comfortable, you paid attention to what I need, you’ve asked the right questions, you’ve shown me the right product to fit my needs, you’ve answered my questions and made it simple for me. You found me the right product that fits all my needs, but I don’t want to make this that easy for you, it’s now up to you to ask for my business. 

That’s right, the part that some many sales people either forget about or over analyse and psyche themselves out over. If you’ve done your job properly, you have a RIGHT to ask your customer for their business. That’s right, it’s your right and frankly your customer wants you to ask them, they need to be pushed a little to make that final decision. Guess what happens when you don’t ask them for their business? They leave your store, get in their cars and drive away confused as to why they didn’t just buy the damn thing right there.

This doesn’t have to be complicated, there are again no tricks or games to be had here. You have conducted yourself with integrity and all you have to do is ask. I usually do this one of two ways.

First is what is known as the assumptive close, you just assume that they are buying it and say something like; let’s go get the paperwork started or when would you like to pick it up? The other one that I use as well on a regular basis is the recap close. You simply recap what you’ve been talking about; when you came in you where looking for this that did this, this and this, this unit does these things and also has this that you really liked so is this your new whatever it is? 

The worst thing that’s going to happen at this point is your customer brings up an objection, usually something that you missed during the qualifying process. At that point you simply clarify the objection by repeating it back to the customer worded slightly differently, empathize with the customer, ask permission to offer a suggestion and then offer a suggestion to overcome the objection. Then if you get agreement head back to the close. 



About Kevin

I'm a coffee loving, bike riding, husband, father, brother, father, son, sorta wanna be foodie and these are my thoughts on anything I want. I'm opinionated and say it like I see it, if your easily offended then this is not the place for you. Expect me to talk about coffee a lot and expect me to rant about customer service, sales and things that companies do that make no sense.


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